Choosing tile adhesive

Tile adhesive for porcelain tiles is divided into three main types: Cement-based, epoxy and dispersion
Let us consider each of them in detail:

Epoxy adhesive is the most expensive, and therefore less likely demand. epoxy value exceeds one thousand rubles per square meter, that may be the most expensive tiles. Epoxy adhesive has superalloy, frost resistance, provides no shrinkage, waterproof, and absolutely ideal for laying in areas of maximum load. Laying porcelain tiles with epoxy glue not rarely use at airports, Metro, shops, the ship's rooms and other areas with a very high load.
Also, choose epoxy adhesive worth, if you want to cover the granite smooth surface, tree, металл, plastic, possible gipsokarton.Epoksidny glue is not cheap material, but sometimes it is worth to choose, that your repair is preserved as long as possible.

Dispersion adhesive for tiles less expensive, cost per square meter is almost in 2 times more economical, than that of epoxy, cheap but it is sufficient to name trudno.Dispersionny adhesive is used for bonding to the dynamic surface. Because the mixture solidified dispersion adhesive has high elasticity, it is reasonable to put on wood and plastic panels, which may eventually prognutsya.Kley resistant to moisture, when laying tiles on the wall does not slip, glue sold as a finished product. Dispersion glue is not recommended for use in dealing with concrete foundation.

Cement-based adhesive – a familiar and cheap material for laying porcelain tiles, used in 95 Percentage of repairs domestic nature. It is perfect for facing apartments, offices, suburban housing, shops, restoranov.Ego popularity proved a very low cost and not bad characteristics: it is resistant to mechanical loads, behaves predictably during laying, the usual stuff, which every self-respecting master knows exactly how to work. Besides, the main advantage is its accessibility and diversity of species, you can pick up a cementitious adhesive for any kind of porcelain.

Your repairs will be flawless, one has only to select construction materials correctly and competently, and the choice of tile adhesive – one of the important stages of repair of any premises.