Types of shells on the type of installation

Sinks. Who is the most popular type of shell, which deservedly enjoys great popularity and is found in almost all the collections of numerous manufacturers. Outdoor shell design of this type perfectly hides all the communication in the "case". Plus pedestal holds massive earthenware bowl, and sets the height of the basin floor. In some cases, the shell may be formed as a monolithic structure with a pedestal.

We would also like to note, that the detached-shell columns - is the latest trend in modern and original interior bathroom. Sink, made in such execution, It plays a major role in the design of the bathroom, because it is really an expressive visual anchor, which attracts attention. This "column" contains all the technological elements. But note, that mounting shells of this type you must first think carefully about the liner all communications in the mud walls of the floor.

Seashells on polupedestale. Such models are wall mounted. It is necessary to say, that in appearance such basins are very similar to the shell-tulips, but they look much more elegant. But in this case, the method of mounting a radically different, since all pipe not go into the floor, and the wall. Bowl equipped polupedestalom, which hides the tubes, siphon, and metal towel holders.

shell pendant. They deservedly are the most relevant for the past twenty years. Such shells simultaneously fastened to the floor and the wall by means of ready-made systems installation, which make it possible to hide all utilities and use of fixture elements. It should be noted, that relate to the suspended models and sinks, equipped polupedestalom, which does not act and the reference point is used only for decorative purposes. The range of almost all manufacturers of luxury plumbing products and economy class there are sinks of this type. More often, Suspended shells are used for guest and public toilets.

To date, among the false choices popular shell, equipped monolithic worktops-wings. As a result, visually similar to the size of the shell is substantially increased. We can say with full confidence, that sink-countertop very stylish look in a perfectly white and other color schemes. Please note that, that cast washbasins, countertops seams are absent. We recommend to use the wings molded countertops as tables or stand. As a result, you can get rid of the use of certain pieces of furniture in the bathroom. Plus,, sink-countertop can be harmoniously set on the cabinet with drawers, which greatly enhance its functionality. Popular today are variants of tops, made with the original decor. But, admittedly, that such a product is difficult enough to keep in pristine purity. If you have a large family and have enough space for the installation of large shells, then we advise you to install two large-sized shells, or three small designer washbasins. Recently, this technique is widely used for children's bathroom.

corner sinks. Как правило, such models (European manufacturers have they got the name washstands) устанавливаются в гостевых санузлах. Именно поэтому в данном случае стильный и привлекательный умывальник может стать визитной карточкой хозяина дома. Harmoniously matched items sanfayansa show your high taste. Quite often you can find small washstands in the toilets of a public catering establishments, because they take up very little usable space. Можно сказать, that the angular shell - it is really practical and convenient solution. To date, the shell of this type are the smallest members of the family of shells. In most cases angular shell is suspended and installed with the help of special fasteners. At the request of such shells can even be installed on the corner cabinets of small dimensions.

Overhead and recessed sink. Такие варианты чаще всего устанавливаются на столешницу либо внутри столешницы, тумбы или другой мебели. Please note that, что если Вы планируете встраивать раковину в столешницу, then necessarily need to carefully check the water resistance of the material, from which it is made, and consider the tightness of joints. Shells of this type can be inserted from above into the countertop, while being fixed rim around the perimeter, or embedded below. В данном случае, how to plant, used countertop, made of natural or artificial stone. Plus, we want to note, if you plan to use the shell of this type, то Вам потребуется идеальная обработка всех стыков.

Кроме этого сейчас возможно использование полувстраиваемых раковин, которые просто огибают кромку столешницы. Как правило, This option is used in small bathrooms, when you can not install a conventional tabletop width. should say, that when you install this shell you want to hide pipes or hoses special cabinet, which will be hidden all communications. Модели раковин данного типа крайне разнообразны по форме: овальные, кубические, раковины-чаши. Можно сказать, что полувстраиваемая раковина будет выглядеть как оригинальный и очень красивый цветок, which blossomed in the tropics bathroom.

First and foremost when choosing a sink is necessary to take into account its performance. So, eg, the shape and size of the bowl in any case should not hamper movement during hand washing. In addition, an important role is played by the material, from which the product is made. We recommend buying ceramic model, as compared with a stone on the glazed surface of the shell will not be any nasty stains on spirits, no cup of tea. In addition to all modern nanotechnology make it possible to create a coating, which repel dirt and prevent the occurrence of limescale. Another important point - in the sale is a shell with a special hole for mixer. Buy a model without such holes must be, when it is set on the countertop, console, or simply mounted on the wall.