types of facades

Modern furniture manufacturing industry offers its customers a wide range of different options and models for manufacturing. And a very important role in the choice of furniture is the choice of just a facade. This piece has a great influence on the appearance and functionality of the furniture, especially kitchen sets. However, their diversity often becomes a problem when selecting.

Kitchen facades can be made of various materials, including laminated chipboard, MDF or solid wood. Make the right choice in favor of one or the other of the material will help you to specialists of the company Srichak. Company It has worked for many years in the furniture market and is ready to offer its customers the best solutions at reasonable cost.

Chipboard or particleboard material is, which serves as a basis for the creation of any case furniture. This material may also be used to create a kitchen facade. Its benefits include efficiency, resemblance to the MDF, speed in making, as well as ease of processing. Also this facade kitchen is resistant to scratches and damage. The disadvantages include greater susceptibility to the effects of moisture in comparison with other kitchen fronts. In addition, this material is virtually impossible to artistic treatment. He can not be with the help of modern technology to give convex shape or cause milled pattern.

The most popular fronts in the manufacture of kitchen furniture to order deemed facades from MDF. They can be laminated or coated with PVC film, veneered, plastic-coated or painted just. In general, as the MDF material has many advantages. Working with this type of facade is possible to produce products of the curved shape, and milling the bulk applied. Besides, the cost of this material can be attributed to the average price segment. The facades are made of MDF between the facades of chipboard and fronts made of natural wood. If we talk about the fronts of solid wood, then all at once recall the classic style. In fact, the facades made of this material are classic, the so-called eternal style. The cost of such products is higher than that of peers, but it turns out beautiful furniture, qualitative, eco-friendly and durable. Kitchen with a facade will be the pride of any home.