goals, objectives and types of energy audits

Energy audit - a building inspection process, structures, equipment, production processes in order to identify the volume of resources consumed. Based on these results the organization, wherein conducted energy audit , develop energy saving measures to improve its efficiency. Also, the audit allows to establish a relationship between a volume of output and the cost of its energy production.

Conducting a survey is carried out every five years, or by specialists Gosenergonadzor, received the license for this type of application organization. Inspection energy performance certificate is issued.

The main varieties

Types of checks in terms of covered facilities:

  • Express check. It is used for certain types of equipment or the same type of resources.
  • instrumental examination. For the meeting the auditor uses hardware and instrumentation, to give specific measurements.
  • comprehensive audit. Held in conjunction with other types of audit for the organization as a whole.

The timing of the release:

  • initial evaluation;
  • regular audits;
  • extraordinary audit;
  • before putting the equipment into operation.

The reason for the extraordinary examination may be to increase the number of energy-intensive equipment or changing the type of fuel used. Before commissioning new equipment checks the actual fuel consumption data compliance, specified in the data sheet.