Drilling machine or drilling stanochek? Investigated Before Buying

Deciding to buy a drilling machine in the online store, it is necessary to deal with the delivery of this type of equipment. Even buying a cheap machine, Shipping costs can be unpleasant surprise, if it is not included in the price.

Although the name of the: "machine", may be hiding a "simple stanochek" – specify its size in the list of specifications - and then the delivery will happen relatively painless budget. What characteristics should pay attention, Zaim irresistible urge to buy a drilling machine? The equipment of the "tools" category usually buy people skilled in the art, and a long explanation, what is behind this or that feature does not make sense, so you can simply list: Overall dimensions - they are mentioned above. Before, how to buy a drilling machine, it is necessary to ensure, that its dimensions allow it to freely set; Consumption from the mains power - everything is clear; Gear - the ability to change the torque and speed of the cartridge, Throwing a simple belt drive, or switching the gearbox; The number of revolutions of the chuck and the maximum diameter of the clamped drill; The presence of the clamping vise on the frame and can be fixed to the surface of the machine. Как правило, drilling machines, as well as other machines, relating to industrial and professional equipment, Until recently, almost did not buy through online stores. Supply vessels companies preferred to carry out a complete set of their shops and workshops, using the services of companies-suppliers, having a reputation in the market of the enterprises.