Modern bathroom furniture in combination Hansgrohe rain shower

In a modern apartment bathroom serves many functions. Each, returning after a day's work, He wants to forget about everyday troubles, relax, restore lost energy and vivacity in a fragrant foam. To get the maximum pleasure in the bathroom, necessary to select high-quality, beautiful and functional furniture.

During the construction of modern residential complexes bathrooms make huge. In a large room can put a large bath, shell, shower box and various furniture. A standard set of furniture usually includes a wash basin, Wall cabinet, mirror, shelves, hangers. Central place in the bathroom is given a bath. Some owners set a massive cast iron bathtub, others prefer acrylic baths.

The large size of the room put the shower boxes. They are a combination of shower and hot tub. Today's models are rich in features. In many of them there are all sorts of useful features, produced by companies such as, eg, Hansgrohe:

  • "Tropical rain"
  • cold and hot shower
  • "Exotic waterfall"
  • a steam generator with a pleasant scent,

as well as radio and other.

In some models of shower boxes, there are different types of massage. In the manufacture of door use plastic, and shower trays made of ceramics.

It is hard to imagine a modern bathroom without a mirror. Mirror enhances the space, It makes the room cozy. Conveniently, when in the bathroom there are tables, lockers, in which you can store different supplies.

Bathroom furniture can be made in different styles. Special consideration when choosing bathroom furniture should be paid to the material, from which it is made. Furniture, made of materials of poor quality, raskisnet quickly and will bring a lot of inconvenience.

Buy furniture and bath and shower enclosures can be cheap in the market, in a store or online store. Now consumers have the opportunity to choose individual options and entire sets of furniture for bathroom.

A source: – Hansgrohe official site in Ukraine.