The insulation system on the outside walls

How to create a three-layer system of insulation of the walls from the outside?

House is built. There are sturdy wall, are reasonably warm outside, covering the layer of plaster. It must be done in stages. To do this, use a three-layer system of insulation of the walls from the outside.

The most important thing for those, who decided to insulate yourself - inside the room never insulated! It moves the dew point and will disintegrate base (plate, brick itd) and all porastet mold and mildew.

It is important to understand, Why insulation of the facade is a priority over the thermal insulation of residential premises from the inside. there are situations, when there is no possibility to mount outside the insulation material and the outer houses Finishes, In these cases, internal insulation - the only option.

  1. thermal insulation. As a heater used mineral wool slabs or polystyrene. Plates are mounted to the walls by adhesive, arranging them offset seams, then further secure the poppet dowel to the base. Less than five dowels per square meter.
  2. The reinforcing layer. Normally used an adhesive composition, reinforced fiberglass alkali-resistant mesh. The principle of bonding grid next: insulation on a thin layer of glue, superimposed on top of the grid, pressed into this layer , and shrinks the glue again. After drying (about a day) a second adhesive layer applied. The surface is ground after drying and primed.
  3. plaster. You can use any decorative plaster. It performs protective and decorative function, is applied on top of it paint layer.

experts say, it is better to insulate the house from the outside. In this case, the wall structures are isolated from contact with cold air, with the result that the walls do not be frozen.

Finished wall to the Weatherization - preparatory work

Before starting work on the thermal insulation of the walls is necessary to prepare the surface for the attachment of insulation on them, that the design was robust, durable and effective in carrying out the function of thermal insulation. Before warming up the walls if necessary, replacement of windows or insulate them, performing sealing joints around the perimeter of the window opening. If the house is insulated, used one, remove from the first outer walls old plaster or other finishing material down to bare walls.

And let through our system, insulation of walls outside your home will always be dry, warm and cozy!