Wardrobe as a decorative element of the interior

Modern furniture industry can offer a huge assortment of all kinds of cabinets. Moreover, conventional models with doors that open to the outside is not so much. The main representatives of such of furniture are wardrobes. It boasts a considerable list of advantages:

  • density. Despite its impressive dimensions, closet is equipped with sliding doors. This design immediately reduces space requirements directly in front of him;
  • roominess. a plurality of shelves, drawers and compartment for clothes give the opportunity to place all the elements of a wardrobe without any difficulty;
  • arrangement. You know exactly, what department you need, and which are not? In this case, you can buy a wardrobe desired configuration;
  • great looks. Modern technologies offer a limitless opportunities to design the front of the wardrobe mnogodvernyh.

The last point makes the considered piece of furniture is not just a place to store things, but also an indispensable element of decor. Hide wardrobe from prying eyes is almost impossible because of its size and limited space of the room. And if you can not hide, then you need to blend in with their surroundings.

For this purpose, a number of techniques for decorating the interior examined.

Methods for decorating closet

Progress does not stand still, including in the field of furniture design. To make the cabinet-compartment original appearance several methods:

  • overhead panel. On the door are glued special laths with a specific invoice;
  • installation of mirrors. The classic version for small spaces. Reflection in the mirror allows you to visually increase the size of the room;
  • patterning using a sandblaster. Continuous mirror looks ordinary and boring? In such a case, you can approach or embodiment ornamental pattern. Mirror with a special matte finish treated sandblasted. The result is a pattern of the reflecting surface on the matte background;
  • prints printing. Want to decorate the cabinet door pleasant eye color images? There is nothing easier. Many manufacturers are actively using the printing method to make this element of the situation of new colors and originality.

If there is such an abundance of methods of changing the appearance of the closet, it is possible to create a unique style of his dwelling with minimal cost.

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