Cabinet-coupe: inside design

Cabinet-coupe, discharge of the expensive, It stands out among the "brothers" first and foremost an internal filling. Disposition of the space inside the cabinet is due to standard components: racks, honeycomb baskets, hangers. Price Range - within 350-1500 $ per meter, depending on the brand of the cabinet, his model. Individual performance will be evaluated much higher than typical.

Most often used for filling the inside of the shelf with boxes of plastic or chipboard. Almost every furniture company has left the workpiece individual elements modules, of which are assembled cabinet insides. If a customer's order are the nuances in the design of, the standard blanks are adjusted to the order.

Inside the wardrobes are used and special tools, among them a hanger-lift for blouses, belts, trousers. For smaller things, eg, Tie perfect another kind of hangers - turbo-hanger, able to rotate with backlight. Well, and shoe racks, acting on the principle of the escalator, ease your task of finding the right pair.

Cell baskets metal based vinyl layer connected to the modules, able at any time to mutate and move. Their device allows you to quickly find the necessary thing and improves its airing.

small mounted luminaires are designed for comfortable use wardrobe. They may be on the eaves outside the enclosure or inside on the shelf panels. You can select an overhead lamp, Mortice or hinged. Number of bulbs proportional to the depth of the cabinet. The backlight is activated in a manual or automatic mode.

All content of this cabinet is designed in such a way, to deliver maximum comfort to the buyer.

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