Sites on 1C-Bitrix: Key Features

The benefits of moving their business to the Internet for a long time, no one in doubt, but the implementation of such a decision deprives you of the possibility of direct contact with clients. Since the advent of the online version of the store or the company's presentation of website services, representing your company or a trading platform, It becomes their calling card company. That is why the creation of this resource requirements are very high: it must have uninterrupted functionality, stylish design and be comfortable for visitors. Full opportunity for the solution of these problems would be to develop sites on Bitrix .

Advantages of resources CMS 1C-Bitrix

The versatility of this system allows Bitrix to create projects of different directions. This can be a wonderful corporate website, large online store, blog and t. д. In addition, resources, made on the basis of this CMS, does not require the development of additional applications to enhance functionality.

CMS 1C-Bitrix is ​​constantly in the process of improving. Twice a year, developers are offering users upgrade, which are installed automatically and completely free.

The main advantages of such resources are:

  • Reliability. Regardless of the workload and attendance, your site will always be available for customers.
  • Security. Internet resources are protected from theft and data loss.

In addition, sites, developed on Bitrix, easily compatible with other applications. Network trading platforms work well with the program "1C: Company", allowing them to place on their resources catalogs, control orders received, determine their status, and to publish information about the availability of products in stock.