Where to begin repairs in the apartment

Buying an apartment in the new house or on the secondary market, you just have a desire to equip their home for themselves or for their own personal needs. Requirements and representation of repairs each family has different. Как правило, they depend on the number of family members, their habits and lifestyle. But where do we start repairs in the apartment? First, you must define the purpose of repair, to continue to have arisen from the disappointment of the failed implementation of the planned.

Razberitesy, what kind of repair you want to do: cosmetic, or major renovation. Redecorating involves minor changes to the appearance of the premises - the new wallpaper, painting walls and ceilings. It is recommended to carry out at least once in five years, but if possible, you can perform this procedure more often. changes, that occurred in the interior, contribute to mood elevation and the emergence of forces. Overhaul involves the replacement of doors and windows, baths and other sanitary ware. You can also change the old wiring, if necessary. If you wish to make alterations to dwelling, in this case, can not do without a major overhaul. Renovation - is the same overhaul, but a higher level, which suggests the best quality standard. The living room has a fireplace, instead of the usual bath and jacuzzi set etc.. Как правило, planned renovation under the guidance of a special person - a professional interior designer, know their business. How to prepare for repair competent preparatory stage significantly reduces maintenance time and minimizes the cost of its holding while maintaining a high quality finish. To produce high-quality repair of an apartment must be carefully prepared for the finishing process, since it gives the opportunity to make repairs with minimal loss of time and cost savings, as well as to avoid significant errors. Once you have decided on the kind of repair, should create a design project of the future apartment. At this important preparatory step should be to work out the future interior style of the room. Depending on the level of complexity, the development can be performed independently, and with the help of a professional designer. In drawing up a design project should take into account the existing layout of property and own queries to the interior. In many cases, apartment owners are willing to visually increase the amount of rooms, therefore, you should consider pre-colors and a range of materials needed to create high-quality interior look of the house. In the next step should be an estimate. This work will help avoid unexpected additional expenses in the process of repair. The estimate should be displayed all the costs in accordance with the design project. You also need to think about, what works, you can make yourself, and to perform some finishing works required the involvement of experts, because this service is considered to be one of the largest in the estimate. Purchase paints, wallpaper, and drywall over the Internet makes it possible not only to save money, but also save precious time, because in the network trade material delivery is made the day of order. If you plan to perform a major overhaul with the replacement of communications, in this case without masters can not do. To find construction workers are advised to contact a well-known construction company and conclude a formal contract for the repair of apartments. Then you will have a high quality finish warranty, which would be absent at oral contract with "shabashniki". To begin repairs in the apartment should be of the dirtiest jobs. In this case, you need to consider how they apply so, it was not necessary to carry them out again. These works include: leveling concrete floors, installation of hidden sockets, replacement hoses and new electrical wiring, walls leveling, replacement of heating appliances and all the work, in which you need something to peck or cover up with a solution. Begin repairs in the room you need to electricians. You will need to decide on the place of installation of additional outlets, and make them under the wire liner, but do not yet sockets must be installed and connected to the shield. The kitchen is recommended to install larger outlets (fridge, gas stove, food processor, etc.). All the wiring is necessary to conduct a thicker wire and connect an additional wire to the electric panel. There should be a socket in the hallway (by phone, a vacuum cleaner). If you change the radiators, then at this point you will run into walls razdalbivaniem, dust and debris. After this procedure, you can start leveling walls and floors. Places docking panels should pierce with a screwdriver and rattle, for the presence of voids. If there are any, they immediately have to close up. This is to increase the sound insulation and retain heat in the house. It should be well leveled floor and wall angle, since it affects the fit of a plinth. Once the walls are aligned, you can install sockets and switches. In the next step, you can replace the door, window sills and windows. When lined the walls of the doors can be set more accurately, whereas for uneven floors can make a mistake with the size of the floor to the bottom of the door. Next shpaklyuem and Belim ceiling, then plank flooring, tsiklyuem and varnished. Now you can start wallpapering. To do this, turn off in the shield on the landing light area, and remove the sockets and switches cover. After that you need to cut the wallpaper under sockets and switches, and then fasten the lid and turn on the light. In the next step we fix skirting and architraves, thereby closing the ends of the wallpaper. Skirting the need to drill the wall, but first it is necessary to adjust, then unscrew, cover the stain and varnish, and then screwed. Under Baseboard can skip the antenna and telephone cables. The first thing to do bathroom and toilet: establish, replace or alter plumbing. Only after the welding can be laid tile on the wall. Otherwise, even the smallest spark burn through at the top layer of tiles, and tiles will be spoiled. Repair of a balcony or loggia can be done at least, because there you can store the remains of materials. If during repair you live in this apartment, you should start with the farthest room, gradually moving to the kitchen.