Hand-held metal scissors

Every self-respecting carpenter-finisher should have in their arsenal of hand metal scissors. logically, this tool is designed for cutting metal. Nowadays, every decent hardware store offers a wide range of tools, made of different materials and with different destinations.

Handles made of steel, PVC coated layer, a cutting part - doped metal. Using new materials in the production led to a significant reduction in the weight of the tool over previous. The presence of the lever ensures ease of use with minimum effort. The design manual scissors construction may have an arm or a normal transmission, depending on the type of work. But in both cases, for the production of cutting edges and the handle is used commonly billet and forging method. It is worth noting, that the hand tool with lever transmission has a cutting head and a handle, United hinge on the principle. This significantly reduces the effort when working with metals, making the work easier. Kinds of scissors in purpose and use of today's most popular two types of scissors are among the masters : for the straight cut and the transmission-type. Both types of tools have an elongate blade tempered , that allows you to cut along the metal products hardness quickly and accurately, without any special effort. If you want to cut smooth and rounded shapes, the need for this curly scissors to work with small radii. The multi-faceted shape of the blades allows for tight curves or shapes easily and smoothly, leaving no burrs on the product and damage. Determination of Duration of scissors quality and reliability of service tool is determined not only by the quality of the material shears, but also the manner of its processing. for example, HSS cutting edges are made of stainless steel by international standards and are particularly strength. A ERDI slitting shears equipped with cutting edges with lever transmission. At their manufacturing technology uses a forging die, and the use of the inductive method of fixing the blades allows for long service life. Thanks to the ergonomic plastic grip provide smooth operation.
Knowing the structure and purpose of each instrument, novice master will be able to easily choose a convenient and high-quality work for different complexity.