A variety of plumbing

What for you is your bathroom? An island of salvation from the bustle, privacy,, may be, this place, where you can gather your thoughts, relax and gain new vitality? Or maybe, conversely? You do not really nice to enter your bathroom, see the yellowed walls, potreskavshuyusya bath, chopped conch?

And you go there exclusively for hygienic needs, not receiving from the water treatment is no fun. Of course, the main reason for dissatisfaction with its own bathroom is the lack of repair. maybe, You have come to the conclusion, it's time to do it. If so, it is necessary to seriously approach this matter, calculate all sizes, think about the future appearance of the bathroom, take a few shops in the city or visit the online store plumbing to compare prices and quality of the goods. And it is worth thinking, What you going to do repairs.

maybe, You only need to replace some items, or the cover of the new bath enamel, or applied to the bath special acrylic layer. Maybe, You want to make a major overhaul with the replacement of all kinds of sanitary ware. For such a case, let's look at the main types of sanitary products, We will understand their varieties.


The main type of sanitary production is, of course, bath. Baths are separated by material manufacturing. The main materials for the manufacture of tubs today are the cast iron or acrylic. Cast iron tubs are made from ancient times, they are very stable, durable, permanently retain heat inside. Their disadvantages are the slippery surface, frequent fractures, great mass, making it difficult to transport and install. Acrylic bathtubs - more than the newest invention. They have a small weight, durable, not afraid of scratches, may have different shapes, colors and sizes. Acrylic bath can be purchased with integrated whirlpool. When purchasing a bath, do not forget to choose the appropriate .


As of today, more and more people are moving from the bath to the shower cabin. The main reason for this shift is the small size of the bathroom. Shower cabin is excellent saves space in a small room. And in their function is not inferior to the bath. Adoption of the soul - a very pleasant and useful procedure. Who made shower with hydromassage features, contrast shower, Turkish bath, aromatherapy and more. Dimensions and forms the shower enclosure may be different, but not the geometric shape of the shower difficult to choose the shower screens.


If the size of your bathroom allow, and you want to have both a bath and shower, then the best option would be the purchase of the shower box. Shower box - a combination of a hot bath and shower. An excellent device for a fabulous fun!


When you think shell replacement, what would you like to install a new. Diversity in the types of shells no special, basically, they are separated from the installation method. There Washbasin, раковины, attached to the wall and "Moidodyr" – shell connection, locker and mirrors.


And finally, consider another important type of sanitary equipment - toilet. At the present time a variety of toilet seats is simply amazing. They are made in various sizes and colors, of different materials. The most common material is, of course, porcelain. functions, built-in toilet too hit. Now when flushing is possible to feel a pleasant aroma, hear the birds singing, or your favorite music. There is something to think about, before, than to give money for the purchase of.