flowmeters: definition surround and consumer protection

Modern production processes require control of many parameters. One of them - the flow measurement. It can be either static, and dynamic. If in the first case, the calculation is not a problem, enough to know the size of the tank, the second should have special equipment - flowmeter, like here .

flowmeter: definition, generally actions

With consumption can be measured as a volumetric flow meter using, and mass, liquid, gaseous and vaporous medium. It moves through a section of a certain area during a predetermined period of time.

The flow meter can be equipped with mechanisms summing result. Such a device is called an integrator.

Types of devices to determine the flow

Devices for measuring the flow rate can be very diverse. Depending on the measurement conditions, apply different designs, based on different physical phenomena:

  • Electromagnetic designed for volumetric flow accounting environment. The principle of operation is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. he says, that the conductor (measured medium) under the influence of the magnetic field an electromotive force. It has a direct relationship with the volume flow.
  • optical (Laser) Flow measuring devices, based on optical phenomena depending on the speed of the measured substance.
  • Metochnye based on the measurement of the mass or volumetric flow rate by measuring the speed and time of transfer tags moving medium.
  • Coriolis built on the use of U-shaped tubes, which moves Wednesday. Shift mechanical tube vibration phase is proportional to mass flow rate.
  • Flowmeters alternating differential pressure based on measuring pressure changes during the flow of the substance through the narrowing device, mounted inside the tube. Such devices include venturimetry, plate orifice, pitometer, centrifugal, hydraulic resistance.
  • Flowmeter constant differential called rotameter. It is built on the balance of gravity and float force head.

Criterias of choice

There are different types of flowmeters, so when you select should be guided by the following parameters:

  • View the medium.
  • The upper and lower measurement limit.
  • pressure level.
  • The density of the substance
  • The cross section of the tube.
  • margin of error.
  • Temperature, viscosity and conductivity.

Also, you should take into account the physical and chemical characteristics are not only measured substance, but also of the environment in each case.