use of glass in interior living spaces

In residential interiors glass has been used for a long time. Changing fashion trends, there are new styles, However, this material blends harmoniously with almost every one of them. After all, the classic is always in fashion, and fans for classical style most fashionable combination is a combination of glass with a noble wood. Glass elements give the furniture and interior design as a whole an extraordinary lightness and weightlessness: it has huge windows, and built-in mirror, and glass doors, and countertops, Enclosures compartment with sandblasted pattern in the form of intricate patterns plant, and fireplace screens, and lamps. Thanks to the Art Nouveau style in vogue back color of stained glass windows, as well as original curtains of beads. The interior doors act as independent elements of decor, partitions and screens. And at the same time they are fully consistent with the overall style of the situation. Today, especially for the creation of the historic interiors of furniture items are executed under olden. This furniture seems to be antique and modern at the same time.

Limit the functionality and simplified the decor brings with it the style of minimalism. As a result, comes to the fore the natural beauty used to create interior materials. A lack of decor only helps to see the true charm of the glass faces of simple geometric shapes, which blend harmoniously with metal, wood and stone. hi-tech style originated relatively recently. This style involves the use in the interiors of the latest achievements of modern technology and progress. housing environment, The interior is designed in the style of hi-tech, It involves a lot of technology, metal and glass. Transparent become not only the window, doors and walls. In a fashion includes aprons Glass kitchen, glass furniture and even transparent, like air, and railings.

Furniture like dissolves, it becomes invisible. Today, of the special tempered glass shelves to carry books, dinner and computer tables. It creates an indescribable feeling, like equipment and books floating in the air. Glass in the interiors of residential premises acquired so much popularity, that has been used even in children's furniture. Glass combined with metal visually makes the child-teen room transparent and modern. A smoothed facets tempered glass, which, even when broken does not form sharp fragments, guarantee the child full security.