Advantages of blinds for plastic windows over conventional curtains

Plastic windows in modern interiors leaders took a firm stance. They have some structural features, which gave rise to the use of new types of light-shielding devices. Such a feature is the presence of one or two large flaps, which occurs during opening of conventional grazing classical curtains. This may lead to damage or deformation of the curtain. To solve this problem, designers design elements for windows invented a new way to protect against the sun's rays - roller blinds fabric.

As the blinds are placed, and their advantages over curtains

placed directly on the casement or, or on the ceiling, wall. Their maximum practicality, proved comfort when using the kitchen.

Modern interior design kitchen countertops often assume placed under the window. If you hang the curtains usual is not possible or it is connected with certain inconveniences (ordinary curtains get dirty with dust, fat and require frequent washing or cleaning), then the best choice would be blinds.

Conversely blinds do not require too complex care. They only require a wipe with a damp sponge.

What made

Made blinds for plastic windows:

  • woven polyester fibers.
  • natural fibers, such as bamboo or straw.

In all cases, the material is coated with a special compound, which repels dust, mud, fat. The composition also protects the blinds from burning when exposed to direct sunlight.

In today's market roller blinds for plastic windows are presented in a wide range of dimensions and colors. Because of this they can be perfectly placed in any room interior form. They serve as an excellent decoration for any home or office room.

Installing curtains

When installing the blinds on the window sash, first fixed chain lock. The most convenient location is its place at the level of the window handle, side curtain control. Next, the assembly of the drive shaft in a special plastic housing. chain connector is located to the side of the window frame. Guides blinds on the window frame fixed with screws and gaskets. It is necessary to carefully observe the parallel guide, without which the curtain will not be easy to move on them.

After adjustment of the chain tension is adjusted length limiter blinds and its horizontal level.