The consequences of poor sealing of inter-panel joints

The onset of the cold season townspeople, living in standard panel houses, I feel very clearly. The reasons for this may be several, but one of the most serious - a broken or poorly bandaged joints bulkhead. Properly made welds must vary the density of filling the insulation and seal integrity.

Signs of inter-panel joints leaky enough. for example, they include the following: wetting angles in the room, wallpaper bloom, freezing of the walls, occurrence of drafts in the cold season. If the apartment there is dampness and cold - that, probably, the problem is also in the low-quality inter-panel joints. All these manifestations are purely external, но, usually, with them you can find and internal disturbances – is destroyed themselves wall panels and connection points between. Конечно, These processes take place slowly enough, but, for some amount of time they are likely to lead to the destruction of the walls of the apartment. If, however, turned out to be of poor quality joints between slabs of internal walls of the room, it is also possible to expect the appearance of unpleasant consequences: from the basement or from neighbors freely will penetrate all kinds of smells, household pests, insects, as well as noises. The only solution to this problem is to seal the inter-panel joints. Building materials for that now there are many: conventional sealing mastic, grout, polyurethane foam insulation or standard foam. However, in accordance with building standards recommended combination of polymeric insulation and a special two-component mastic. To improve the efficiency of thermal insulation difficult?available space is filled with foam. Should pay attention, that the foam is not a complete substitute for the special a heater, and is used only in conjunction with vilaterm.