Why flicker bulbs?

Flashing lights can be a dangerous phenomenon, so do not ignore it. In most cases, short-term tarnish bulbs or small flicker, which becomes more pronounced with time, It indicates a bad connection somewhere in the system. Before an electrician, you may want to consider several factors yourself. for example, Calculate, when flashing lights and think, Is it not due to the fact, that turns on any device. Record, how often flicker, and where you see it (in one or in several light bulbs, in the same room or anywhere, etc.).

Situation, when the light flickers in a light bulb, but not around the house, most often it happens because of a bad bulb or a bad connection between the lamp and the socket. Nevertheless, if the problem extends to multiple fixtures in one area of ​​the house, it may be closing. Electricians will have a complete diagnosis circuit, to accurately determine the cause. This can be a dangerous situation, therefore, to identify the culprit and solve the problem you need as soon as possible.

The light in the house may flicker while, When you turn any powerful device, eg, air conditioning. This is a fairly common problem, associated with a heavy load. In this case it is better to contact an electrician, so that he convinced, that the unit consumes no more than the maximum load and that all wires and fuses are properly installed. If everything looks good, but the light flickers due to device, the electrician can offer additional equipment, softening device is started when the load.

If the light is flickering all over the house and it has nothing to do with the inclusion of devices, the need to call an electrician almost immediately. This is a sign of fire hazard.

If you and your neighbors are experiencing the situation with twinkling lights, it is a problem of the whole house and the electricity supplier. May be, there was a lightning strike, who brought down a power line or an animal got into the electrical equipment, etc.. maybe, followed by a power outage for a period, when edektrokomaniya will isolate the problem area.

You should also know, that glimmer of light in your home may be the fault of the neighbors, with whom you share a transformer.