Advantages of using the plastic ceiling

Plastic has high resistance to moisture, rather than drywall. In the event of flooding of the upper neighbors, ceiling alteration is not required. In this case, you need to remove a certain number of plates and dry the ceiling fan. If the flooding was not great, it will not affect the ceiling, as the stains on the plastic is not formed. Water thus flows out through the gap between itself panels compounds.

Through the use of the ceiling, you can get a perfectly smooth surface. Under the plastic can hide all the panel seams and inappropriate tube. Over their place erected box, which is almost unnoticeable. If desired, you can decorate the box or turn it into a unique LED surface mounted luminaire. by the way, not only the ceiling, but also any other LED lighting is best to book in the Trade House "QUASAR" .

Plastic is a durable material. It is impossible to burn matches, whereby it is possible to say, he is eternal. The ceiling is made of plastic do not require special care, enough to wipe with a damp cloth. In addition to ordinary water can be used detergent, which was previously diluted with water in a ratio of one to one. Due to the air layer, which is located between the ceiling and by the plastic, indoor formed excellent insulation, which eliminates the stamping neighbors above.

It is impossible not to note its value. It can not be called a plastic ceiling cheapest. He is more expensive, than wallpaper or whitewash, but cheaper, when compared with the stretch ceiling.

But looking where to buy. This summer, after leaving the cottage, I was surprised to find in the local Leroy Merlin, plastic linings for the price 15 rub. for the three-meter panel width is somewhere around 100 mm. Feedback from customers is very thin and fragile and is good only only on the ceiling. But I did not have time to buy, as the price has risen to 23 p, and again for the same guests it could be in the early spring to buy even 8 g., ie. almost nothing!

Human, having visionary, He is able to make such plastic sockets very original ceiling.