Service three-way valve

Did you know, that your water heater will function better and be safer, if you follow a small current ? Some water heaters experts recommend inspection and maintenance every six months. More frequent screening operation can reduce the likelihood of leaks, caused by the accumulation of minerals and corrosion.

Temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR valve) opens, to relieve the pressure increase in the heater, or when the temperature becomes dangerously high pressure, preventing possible explosion.

The accumulation of mineral salts, rust and corrosion can lead to freezing and TPR valve failure. To verify the three-way valve for correct operation, just lift a few times and lower test lever, so he picked up a brass rod, to which it is attached. Hot water must flow out of the end of the downspout. If the water does not flow through the tube or you get just a trickle, replace the part.

but, if a leak occurs immediately after the test, just repeatedly press the test lever, to free a clogged garbage, which may hinder proper valve landing. If the valve does its job and hot water dripping or erupting from the drain valve TPR, reduce the temperature to the heater controller and / or decrease water pressure.

Here are the other indicators, are worth paying attention to:

  • A tube, coming out of the safety valve, It should have the same diameter, as the outlet of the valve – usually 3/4 дюйма. Besides, tube must be made of material, which is not subjected to the adverse effects of heat, for example copper. If the pipe is less than or not heat-resistant, replace the copper or hire of, who will do it for you.

  • TPR drain pipe must be moved down slightly in the direction away from the valve up to the point, where it ends. He must end outside the house at a height of 6 to 24 inches above the ground. If the overflow pipe moves up, and then down, water can enter the valve outlet and cause it to corrode. If there was a trap or a low spot on the drain line, water could freeze. And even if the valve is working, pressure is released, and may explode. If the downspout is not configured properly, call the plumber, to fix it.