Master Class in the Snowflake quilling technique

Quilling is not clear ..., Why is the word from English is considered a "bird's feather". Do with this comparison, наверное, only by air, the ease and elegance of a special form. Anyway, products, made in the art Kvilling, ages delight the heart of every, who has ever seen, the look of such delicate charms.

The most simple version of love with this type of bumagoplastiki - making cute, homely and festive snowflakes. To create a snowflake in the technique of quilling need: pencil, scissors, ruler, ribbing, PVA glue, toothpick (or another convenient tool for twisting) and two office leaf A 4 cool colors. can be combined: white and blue, blue and light blue, white and purple, White and Pink. Often in the industrial cities of pink snow falls, therefore, such an interpretation it would look quite unusual, but aesthetically pleasing.

If you have hanged, Gains Upon completion of this technique snowflakes, and even supplement them with unusual patterns on the windows, made with the help of artificial snow in ballnochikah , then your guests, Yes, and you yourself will be delighted by the atmosphere created by the Christmas New Year holiday.
To prepare the strips, We need to take a leaf A 4, arrange it horizontally and mark with a ruler and pencil 5 mm. The same mark on the right side. connect line. We need nachertity 12 white stripes and 21 purple, eg.

The total volume of the strips will look exactly. Desirably immediately cut into strips. And not, that cut into strips, made element, and again necessary to emphasize the following strips. In any technique, the most laborious work - manufacturing of parts, and the assembly - the naipriyatneyshee deal.

Now let us consider in more detail the production of "roll" the simplest element. The bottom line is, that it is necessary to wind the strip on a toothpick (or any other special tools). Then help yourself forefinger and thumb screw the strip to the end.

"Birth" roll

Now those same fingers relax the tension roll. It will increase in size. It suffices to loosen size 1,5 cm. You can check their own eye estimation or ruler. The final act - to glue roll, so as not to broke. The same applies to all other elements.

Rolls of about one and a half cm purple color will be needed in the amount of 12 PC. and one white. And 12 PC. white, but more tightly twisted, about the size of half the.

The next element - "drop"

Made it absolutely and as a regular roll, only the final action - "topping" of one edge. Such drops will need 6 of violet strips.

Element “Eye”

And the last type of element kvillingovogo, used in the MK - "eye". It has done it as a "drop", only pinch 2 end.

There is another interesting point. The first "tier" snowflake has an eye a little bit more. Обратите внимание: 6 White ukrupennyh eye. And the same amount of conventional size, 1,5-centimeter. To increase the eye, to relax the fingers initial roll more. May be, to 18 mm.

The result should:

  • 6 purple "drops".
  • 6 white slightly larger "eye".
  • 6 white common, smaller 'eye'.
  • Round large rolls - 13 PC. (1 - in the center and white snowflakes 12 to end).
  • 12 tightly-twisted, small white rolls.

so, the first tier - 6 purple large drops.

Hereinafter - is inserted white "eye" crotch between each first tier. Glazkov - 6.

It now remains to add purple "rolls" between the "eyes", sticking to the white tips of the eye crayons eyes (12 PC.) and 12 white small round rolls, как показано на фото.

The size of the snowflakes in diameter turn around 9 cm.

What are the advantages of snowflakes?

  • Easy-to-manufacture.
  • They can strengthen not only the Christmas tree, as decoration, but also to make a garland of them.
  • Decoration of windows such snowflakes can make a Christmas flavor to any room.