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Air conditioning – what to choose?

air-conditioning market is very extensive. If you choose this device is not so difficult to determine for themselves the necessary parameters, such as power, functions, specifications. However, when it comes to manufacturer, here you can get lost and, tk. many manufacturers, but who is better - just not picked.

There are three groups of HVAC equipment, which vary in features and price.

Economy class

Air Conditioning Economy, разумеется, the cheapest. obviously, that its specifications are not up to par. Production of "budgetary" units engaged mainly in Chinese, Korean and Israeli manufacturers, such as Ballu, Samsung, Midea, Kentatsu. Climate products of these firms work usually unstable and has a mediocre quality. temperature range, wherein the device is working properly, Livestock, so it is best to use it only in the hottest time. Basically, for home use such a "budget" option is suitable, moreover, recently, some Chinese manufacturers have significantly tightened operational performance of its products to a completely acceptable level. So, such as air-conditioning firm Cooper Hunter differ sufficiently high reliability, quality, durability and design beauty.

Middle class

middle class conditioners have a significant advantage over the embodiment of Economy. Major firms, are worth paying attention to if you want to buy more high-quality air-conditioning, – this Panasonic, Aermec, Hyundai, McQuay. this class of equipment has an optimal price-performance ratio, and is highly reliable. There is also a protection against misuse. When you purchase it is important to pay attention to the production of the country. In this case it is better not to take Chinese air conditioning assembly. If it is, eg, the company Panasonic, it is better to acquire the Malaysian machinery. The price for it will vary from 20 to 30 thousand. rubles.

Premium class

Conditioners premium, obviously, most expensive. However, it should be noted, they are not much better climate engineering of the second class. They are engaged in the production of Daikin, Fujitsu General, Toshiba. The first firm (Daikin) It is an honored leader in this field. the third group of air-conditioning has a high quality protection and self-diagnostic system. High reliability, long service life (12-15 лет) and low noise levels are an advantage. These air conditioners have a wide temperature operating range, small size and cute design. therefore, Considering all the benefits, the price of the device of this class varies from 22 to 40 thousand. rub.

Таким образом, you can pick up air conditioners on any purse at the market of HVAC equipment. But keep in mind, that this technique is not bought for one year, so the choice should be approached seriously. Возможно, it is advisable to pay a little more, so you do not spend extra money on repairs.