What better interior: dark or light

bright interiors
To begin, perhaps, worth it with bright interiors, as it is - the choice of most.

Benefits bright interiors

They are light and spacious, even if the small room is quite small, bright interior is easy to breathe, they are quiet and unobtrusive. The interior design in bright colors look festive and accurately. Bright colors perfect for such styles, as a classic, neoklassyka, modern, French style, Scandinavian style and Provence.

Problems bright interiors

many believe, that the main problem of interior in light tones - a soiled. But, честно говоря, much more important than the, what colors you use in the design of the room, and that, what materials. If this, скажем, upholstered furniture upholstered with light, the textiles must be impregnated with a special dirt-repellent substance. When it comes to furniture, then a light gloss, of course, will be visible any contamination, and matte surfaces not give an error in cleaning. Also try to avoid synthetic materials, which attract dust and textiles, that it accumulates.

But what can really be a problem, so it's a feeling of incompleteness and trivial design of the room in bright colors. Bright interior should not be boring! To do this, try to introduce into the design of not only neutral, but also more expressive (though still bright) t. In addition beige, ajvori, sand and gray, there is a whole palette of pastel shades - do not forget about them and do not be afraid to apply.

experts also recommend a bet if not on the color, then the invoice. Give yourself to reveal the invoices, whether textiles, wood or stone. For example, a fleecy carpet in a bright living room can radically transform the interior - it will be much more interesting and "alive".
Do not forget also about, that in the interior should be the focus and necessary - the focus point. Чтобы, looking around the room look, had left off. If the entire interior will dissolve in neutral, bright colors, it will be really boring.

dark interiors
Interiors in dark colors chosen brave people with a craving for experimentation and the bizarre. This opens up a huge palette of complex, deep shades, in which, главное, not drown!

Benefits dark interiors

They always hidden innuendo and mystery. Dark interior chamber and a priori cozy. They feel themselves protected. Room in dark colors, provided the competent registration, surprises and fascinates with its design. This luxury in pure form and design there boldness. Dark can make the interior in classic style, Art Deco, ʙuduar, modern, fusion.

Problems dark interiors

the, what can not be silent: interior in dark tones may seem gloomy and oppressive. Get rid of this feeling can be in many ways. The first - to introduce into the interior design enough white, to the dark tones are no longer "push". In some cases it is sufficient to leave a light ceiling.

It is also essential to take care of good lighting: as a day, and artificial. One ceiling lamp here is clearly not enough.
Engage the mirror and shine of metal - it will give not only the dark interior light, but expensive.

To the dark interior does not seem boring (which is also quite possible), try to make leading a complex tone.
И помните: dark interior should not necessarily be monochrome. You can combine different colors, if it leads to a successful outcome.