Which house to build: one- or two-storey?

Many people want to have their home, which fully meet their expectations of comfort and coziness. Buy a cottage is extremely difficult because of the differences in tastes and other restrictions (cost of, location and so on). The only way out is to appeal to the Group of South-operation, main activity is .

One of the major polls, arising on the project under discussion, It is to determine the number of storeys of the building. According to the Town Planning Code, number of floors in the area, designated for individual housing should not exceed 3. When calculating the number of storeys of the building is taken into account the number of floors, whose ceilings vozvshayutsya above ground level not less than on 2 m.

How many floors to choose?

The number of floors in the future is determined from cottage:

  • Squares portion. On a large plot of land on the area better to build one-storey house. Distribution of functional areas horizontally, rather than vertically makes the house more ergonomic. Besides, storey house easier to fit into the overall design of the site in the design of landscape design. At least portion 8 hundredth or in settlements with dense buildings is better to choose 2 – 3 storey option.
  • The total area of ​​the house. When the total area of ​​less than cottage 100 KM. the best option will be the one-storey project. With a total area of ​​buildings more 200 m. One advantageous erect- or a two-storey house. at “border” the area is better to use project with residential attic.
  • Parenthood. Elderly or sick people will be difficult to climb to the second floor, therefore pensioners should choose one-story project.
  • the indentation. To fulfill the basic requirements

Building rules and to eliminate the risk of court battles with neighbors is necessary to consider the distance from the walls of your home to:

  • border adjacent portion. For a single-storey building 1 m, two-floor – 1,5 m, three-floor – 2 m;
  • забора. for buildings, constructed of materials 1 and 2 a degree of fire resistance 6 m, for houses of materials 3 fire resistance – более 8 m, for wooden buildings – более 15 m.

Sometimes the built in two-story house is impossible. This limitation is imposed properties, inherent to the land plot (proximity of groundwater, soil characteristics, etc.).