How to make your own mat in developing the children's room

Any mom already 2-3 month after the birth of a baby conceived, what would take a kid. This will help developing mat. It can be bought or make your own. There are such things relatively expensive, and of an acceptable price range sometimes do not like. Тогда, armed with a desire, imagination and free time can make developing pad for kids with their own hands. Step-by-step instruction, proposed in this article, It helps in this.

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With 2 months intervals of wakefulness in the child getting bigger, respectively, free time mother - less. Until about a month, and even earlier, comes to mind: "As it was used perfectly, if pipsqueak could do it yourself "- because all the toys and rattles added, but the attention he pays them almost. How did it intrigue? possible, important to understand the peculiarities of perception of the world and the newborn right to organize a game space in a developing pad for him.


Baby first months of life are attracted large contrast objects. Black and white drawings are interested in it anymore, what color, and broken or straight line he prefers undulating. Accordingly selected and the basic background mat. Often used bright fabric, followed by the placement of her black contrast objects. But you can do and vice versa, make a dark night sky and stars on it Vivid. WITH birth of a child badly sees. Space and objects, surrounding it - is vague discolored contours of shadows and light. With 2 months toddler already looks around and finds out mom silhouette. WITH 3 months, the child begins to distinguish colors, and the first of them - Red. However, black and white long form continues to attract him more, what color.

If the fabric is full of reddish, green, blue tones - crumbs at first it will seem almost uniformly gray, and if more and toys make the same colors - curiosity mat not cause. And also in pale gray spot unite blue, pink and light green colors. It is extremely important, because such a thing is necessary in the first months of life. Therefore, when the baby crawl - his attention fully to switch to other surrounding objects, within the boundaries of the mat it will no longer hold.

On a note: currently have LED toys on batteries, which begin to shine from skin contact or by light shaking. If you come up with, how to implement such a harmless luminous element in the playing area - will ensure success!

Taktilynыe feelings

Once the child learns, handles that can take a variety of things - will begin an unprecedented stage of cognition of the world. On developing the mat should be placed objects from a variety of materials.

You can use all kinds of smooth and fluffy fabric, beads, buttons, as well as existing small plastic toys and teethers. Another child will love "surprises", pockets and hidden objects in them, and better, if this thing will ever rustling glowing.


Compare the subject and sound, coming from him, baby also learns not immediately. But, when he thinks it is - noise - it became his favorite pastime. He rattles rattles, knocks them about all in a row, and to musical electronic toys ready even to crawl. Cause and Developing rug necessarily need to post something, sounding.

It has the ability to be removable items on the "Velcro". Or a small plastic ball with the inside of grains sprinkled, or a rustling piece of packaging or wrappers from candy trimmed cloth. or all, that will come to mind. The main thing with this, do not forget about safety. Also can be attached to pad some existing rattles and tweeters.

MScarlet kids everybody wants to taste, it must be remembered, securely fixing all the details on the mat. Also removable parts should make the size of not less than, than cam baby, so that the baby could not shove them in your mouth and swallow the case. And if the item is small, better to "fix" her.

Таким образом, To make developing mat, that really intrigue the baby is important to consider all the features of his age. elements, placed on the mat should be contrasting background, have a variety of shapes harmonious, colors, size, textures and sounds, attracting the attention of the baby, encouraging them to reach out to. The gaming site can be composed of different local zones, for example: blue sky with black birds on it, Green Meadow with white flowers, and dark blue pond, with light fish in it.

the ready

The easiest option pad, does not require special material costs and time - if it is used for the base of conventional blanket, rug or blanket and just sew over toys. In this case, not even necessarily have a sewing machine, All items can be manually attached.

But, if you want to go to business seriously and make benign thing - it will require more skill, time and money. Below is the sequence of the main steps, in order to achieve better results.

  1. Набросок. The first thing to imagine, how to see the future hunt mat, but rather schematically portray him. If it is meant to do with borders and arcs - they also need to make a pre-sketch, and in the manufacture of patterns on this to keep in mind.
  2. skirting. They can be made in 2 ways: in the form of rollers, or simply fastened at the corners of the mat. Board assign additional comfort and safety. So, in winter they protect from drafts and, walking on the floor. And if they take the form of ridges - the small child, floundering in an attempt to reach out to the toys, It fails accidentally "roll out" with a developmental mat, and mother will always find him there, where left.
  3. Dougie. This attribute is not required, if the child is able to roll over and the bulk of his time on his stomach. But if he is not yet able to this lies largely on the back - arc hanging on their toys will fall very handy. They can be made of the halves of the hoop or other scrap materials. Fix them simply. It is necessary to "dress" the arc in the covers, fix the upper crosshairs, and sew or tie "feet" to the finished mat covers the perimeter.
  4. Game Zone. Materials to be used here are different, it is written in the "Features" section of this article. If this is not just a homogeneous background, and local educational sites - you need to prepare a pattern and sew it all before, than connect with a base. Иначе, on a thick rug to use a sewing machine for attaching small parts will be quite problematic, Many will refine manually.
  5. ground. Bottom needs to be done from a dense elastic tissue is not moving, that holds its shape. This is necessary in order, so that when a child attempting to pull himself to the object of interest - the whole mat is not very crinkled and shriveled into a shapeless rag, but simply made short again, when the baby releases the toy. The following is laid a layer of padding polyester, to the child on the floor it was not cold, and very tough. And on top of all the light close monotonous x / cotton cloth.
  6. When connecting the base to the play area need to flash the mat not only on the perimeter, but also to make multiple passes through the entire surface. It is necessary, to sintepon inside locks, Product Sheet as a whole to obtain a dense and "swells" in the center.

This example illustrates the video mat, made with their own hands. While browsing, you can learn a few unique ideas, How interesting to organize and arrange play areas.

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If a, time at the ready an ideal place game took too much, so that the baby is already crawling and rug almost no interest - no need to get upset. After some time, the child shall be satisfied with their abilities svezheobretennymi, learn to be, and will explore all on its own new level of reach. Так что, developing the resulting mat, with a lot of locks, "Surprises" and other interesting areas - can be hung to a wall at eye baby - get a typical entertaining bizibord.