How to restore the bath alone

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Over time, the top layer of iron and steel bath abraded, resulting in formation of stain, chipped or cracked. Of course, a bath can be replaced by a new, but what to do, if finances do not allow this? The optimal solution would be the restoration of the bath with his hands, using the most suitable method.

The content of the article

  • 1 Methods baths restoration
    • 1.1 Application of the new enamel
    • 1.2 Fill the bowl with acrylic
    • 1.3 Installing acrylic liner to the old tub
  • 2 Materials and tools for restoration work
  • 3 Preparation for the restoration of the bath
  • 4 Technology of restoration work, depending on the selected method
    • 4.1 method № 1 – Topcoat
    • 4.2 method № 2 – pouring acrylic composition
    • 4.3 method № 3 – laying acrylic liner
  • 5 Tips for restoration work

Methods baths restoration

Restoration of the bath can be performed in different ways, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

Application of the new enamel

This method involves applying a two-component enamel on the surface of the bath by a conventional staining techniques. But, Unfortunately, it is not suitable in all cases. If the bathtub is chipped, cracks and areas of exfoliation old enamel, the use of this method is not recommended.

Fill the bowl with acrylic

The restoration process is acrylic Infusion solution onto the bath surface. Within 2-3 hours, you can use the plumbing. This method is a bit more expensive than the above, but it can be used even in the presence of small cracks or other surface defects. The technological process of stakrilovym solution is much easier on the method of using enamel.

Installing acrylic liner to the old tub

This method is one of the most expensive, but it exceeds the above practicality. liner attachment to the bathroom is made with special glue or foam. When choosing thin models or improper installation of the liner, during operation observed him punching, This will cause deformation in the future. Lifetime under careful use reaches 20 years.Whichever of the above methods you choose, We need to remember, that the performance of the products will be much worse, than the baths, manufactured under industrial conditions. The materials used are not as strong and durable.

Materials and tools for restoration work

Before starting the work necessary to prepare all the necessary. Regardless of the method of restoration, such materials are used:

  • chemicals, which is cleaned and degreased surface of the bowl;
  • sandpaper or a special attachment on an electric drill grinding the old coating;
  • electric drill or Bulgarian;
  • soft tissue;
  • brush;
  • set of tools for dismantling (Communications eat out of necessity);
  • brush or roller (in the case of using the method with enamel);
  • rubber spatula, It is used for the distribution of the acrylic composition during its application;
  • foam or silicone (used for bonding new liner);
  • Enamel or stakril, depending on the selected method.

Preparation for the restoration of the bath

Regardless of the chosen method, the first phase of the restoration work is to prepare a bowl, which consists of the following stages:

  • Clean the bath with the use of abrasives and sandpaper.
  • In areas where there is a special rust converter applied, after application is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes, and only then make the cleaning surface.

In the presence of large cracks or chipping it recommended their putty, as it is likely, stakril that they do not fill, and when using the insert, they can grow and disturb the integrity of the restorative coating.

  • Once the surface is well cleaned, you must remove any residual dust or other debris, which appeared as a result of the preparatory work.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to warm up the bath, its gain for this hot water, standing a little bit in this state, bath is drained and well dried hairdryer.

Maximum dust and grease cup, pledge of a long and reliable use of the new coating.

Technology of restoration work, depending on the selected method

preparing a bath, You can start its restoration.

method № 1 – Topcoat

  • According to instructions, on the package, induced mixture, and is divided into two parts, for roughing and finishing coating.
  • The first layer is applied with a wide brush or roller. He must not have significant differences.

It recommended to start painting with bath edges, gradually moving towards its bottom.

  • The composition should be applied very carefully, good smearing, filling all the pores of the old coating.
  • After coloring the first layer, second applied after 10 minutes, no more, otherwise the surface may be exposed to dust, that affect the quality of the coating.
  • The next layer is applied in a different direction, moving from the middle of the cup to the bottom and the edges of the bathroom.
  • After waiting more 15 minutes you can begin to eliminate defects, resulting in staining.

Use a spray bottle for coloring bath is not recommended, as there is the likelihood of drips or bubbles, that provoke flaking of enamel. It is better to use a compressor, it allows to uniformly apply the composition with the same layer thickness.

For complete drying of the enamel coating must be at least one week, It had not recommended to use it.

method № 2 – pouring acrylic composition

Acrylic - a structure with thick and viscous structure, which rests by pouring evenly. When it solidifies, it forms new, durable coating.

The process of applying the layer takes much less time and effort, than using enamel. Plus everything else in the casting process is not formed streaks, blisters or strips.

materials, used for this method, practically odorless, that makes this process more acceptable, especially when the children in the house.

acrylic composition casting technology:

  • selected mixture, thus it is necessary to focus on the quality and functional characteristics and then its value.
  • Performed dismantling siphon, and a hole is inserted formochka, which will drain off excess solution.

Should not enter into the acrylic solution sewers, it can cause big problems with water flow.

  • The capacitance induced mixture.
  • At the hardware store sold rubber spatula, which is necessary for leveling acrylic on the bottom of the cup.
  • Acrylic, induced in the tank, is applied to the bead in a thin stream bowl. Pour the liquid too quickly is not advisable, it is necessary that the thickness of the resulting layer was within 5 mm, and the composition is slowly dripped to the middle of the wall of the bowl.
  • Capacity should be moved around the perimeter without long breaks, to circle circuit.
  • Further, jet is moved to the middle of the bowl walls and the pouring is continued in the same way.

In the process of the solution casting is not necessary to smooth out drips or misaligned, this will worsen the situation and disrupt the integrity of the coating. In the process of drying acrylic composition defects disappear.

If the mixture is distributed poorly on the bottom of the bath, you can help her with the help of a rubber spatula.

On drying acrylic coating is less necessary 3 days.

method № 3 – laying acrylic liner

first, you need to do - is to buy the right size liner. To do this, carry out such measurements:

  • width bath on its inner side. The measurement must be done on both sides.
  • Length of both internal, and on the outer surface;
  • the depth of the container in a place flow;

To obtain accurate measurements, you can use the services of specialists, which can easily produce correct calculation.

Step by step guide insert placement:

  • Exempt skirting bowls, located near the wall, removing for that one row of tiles.
  • Held bath preparations, the above-described technology.
  • Communication is performed dismantling, top and bottom discharge.
  • Try on the purchased acrylic insert, which should easily enter the bowl, well, or with little effort. If the product is not included, scoring it using various tools is not necessary.
  • Placing it in a bowl, cut the necessary holes for water drainage. To exclude injury, edge sections are stripped.
  • Further, It is determined by the slope, necessary for good water drainage, which is between 1,5 to 3 mm, towards the opening to drain.
  • Removing the structure from the bathroom, the surface is treated with sealant and screwed adapter. Sealant also treated the area around the drain, distributing it in the strip 3 cm.
  • The final step - is the application of foam, and bonding acrylic design. The number and location of its application depends on the density of the acrylic articles contiguity, but mostly it is applied to tracks, distance in 5 cm. Location bands should be vertical with respect to the walls of the cup, starting from the bottom, and moving up.
  • It remains to insert, well pressed his hands to the base. After that you need to climb into the tub feet and good to pin down the location of runoff. Next you need to move slowly to the opposite side of the bath, thereby providing a snug fit liner.

Push or hit with a hard object on the design is not recommended, because it may be damaged.

  • At the end of the work is done bath connection to utilities and their sealing is carried out, if necessary,.
  • For full cup designs shrinkage acrylic dialed cold water and left for 6 hours. After draining the bath water can be operated after 12-15 hours.

Tips for restoration work

To get a good result it is necessary to listen to the advice of experts, engaged in this craft at the professional level.

  • Throughout the restoration constant temperature should be maintained, within +20 -25 degrees.
  • The drying time of acrylic enamel or the room is better not to enter, on to prevent dust cover, that can damage.
  • The enamel is applied by roller better, which speeds up the whole process and make coverage more even.
  • Since the composition of the enamel is very toxic, you need to work in a respirator.
  • For qualitative enamel coating is recommended to apply at least three layers of.
  • When the chips or cracks shpaklevke, dried solution should be thoroughly sanded to prevent irregularities in the process of staining enamel or acrylic filling composition.
  • Acrylic construction is very fragile, therefore in the process of laying should be extremely careful.

Video: The brief summary of the methods of restoration of the old baths, which will help determine the choice of.

Updating the bathroom is much cheaper, rather than replacing it with a new one. With the right choice of a way of restoration, using quality materials and execution of all process requirements, updated bath will last a long time.