As you place your bath inside

Not a secret, that the inner finishing baths, if for this purpose to lure professionals, It can cost a pretty penny. At first glance a complicated and laborious work accessible to everyone, the main thing - to understand all the subtleties and choose the right materials. Following the presentation of material to introduce popular embodiments interior finishing baths.

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  • 2 Finishing bath inside with their hands steps
  • 3 Materials for baths and their features
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Most vserasprostranennye baths finishes - natural wood. Recently tree combined with feral rock, refractory bricks and tiles, which is capable of withstanding the highest temperature. Choosing a suitable option, you need to pay attention to the properties of a material, personal preferences and financial opportunities. Recommended materials for the bath with the temperature extremes and humidity:

  • Windows Finnish pine;
  • The introduction of oak bath;
  • Fake logs block house;
  • Exclusive version - reddish wood;
  • Tree with rock salt;
  • larch Molded.

Finnish pine in the finishing baths (Sauna) It occupies a leading position. Trimmed clapboard walls look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The tree of this species is able to last for many years without harm to the quality and appearance. The peculiarity of the Finnish pine - this breed retains the natural scent. In the bath a fresh and pleasant, the walls not flowing resin. She mounted the ordinary way, It gives it a natural unity with nature. Using such kind of finish, you can get the original design of the bathhouse.

Finnish pine actually reacts to microorganisms, It is resistant to fungi and mold material.

Strong finish oak is able to serve for decades, while remaining generous material. The walls of the oak wainscot very harmonious look with furniture from the same tree species. In addition to aesthetics, oak has a number of relevant properties, which nature has endowed tree. Inhaling the smell of wood, you can get rid of many diseases. Sauna oak beneficial effects on health, especially, in the presence of colds. type of wood absorbs moisture so, that allows you to adjust better to the temperature of steam. It looks so generous bath and solid.

Country range bath attached to the use of decoration fake logs block house. The surface of the logs a little rough, they are selected in the regeneration typically Russian style bath. Such an embodiment can be counted overlaid matter, however, if the finish to make their own hands, You can decently save. In addition to walls, logs decorate door and window gaps, They are made of wood furniture, antique.

Rich color of reddish wood attached bath nobility and presentable. A rare tree species in addition to deep color, It has undeniable advantages in relation to other species. It costs dearly, to save wood, It can be combined with other breeds, tiles, stone. Bath of reddish wood will look chic, if there is such a possibility and desire to make such interior can be independently. Otherwise it is better to turn to spice.

Reddish wood does not require additional external protection from destruction, because it is so appreciated.

In modern baths it became popular to use a combination of different finishing materials. Increasingly master bath things began to be used to finish the walls, Valuable material - Himalayan salt. Due to the natural material can make the original design and improve your health. Seen such a bath is equal to medical procedures. Salt stone is very harmoniously combined with natural wood. The atmosphere such baths promotes complete relaxation, ideal for relaxation.

For more readily available finish options include larch battens. The choice of this material on the market today a large. Unpretentious in the care of larch finish - sturdy and durable. Interior bath with larch finds comfort soothing shade. Larch can be arranged wall, manufacture doors, shops and other utensils bannuyu.

Council: instead stains better cover larch battens tested method - beeswax. This type of processing wood surface assigns natural luster and protect against rot.

Finishing bath inside with their hands steps

As above mentioned, the best material for lining baths and saunas - natural wood. Molded or bar certain types of wood, create a special microclimate and will retain heat very well. Though no other alternatives not yet invented. Below talk about the stepwise plating technology inside lining baths:

  • Preparatory work;
  • Stiffened areas bath;
  • Necessary materials;
  • Decorating the walls and ceiling;
  • Work on laying the floor;
  • ending stage;

Preliminary work related action plan, which must be performed in steps.

  1. First of all, you need to decide the overall design, where it will be located and how to get off. You should also take care of ventilation. Prior to that, than to trim the walls, ceiling, floor must be equipped with a ventilation system, otherwise it will be high humidity and dampness.
  2. Using the measuring tape to remove the dimensions of the room, data written in the notebook. Determine the need to accurately without taking into account the errors of all the little details. On the validity of measurements depends on the amount of necessary materials. According to measurements done drawing, in which you need to specify, where the heating element is located either oven, shops and other utensils are not removable.
  3. On the basis of calculations, purchase insulator, waterproofing material, lath, lath, fasteners, bunk. The tiles on the floor. Mix for laying tile. Prepare the necessary tools, drill, dust, hammer and other building elements.
  4. Finish walls and ceiling lining perform. cutting rail, which will be attached paneling. Fix them to the walls. Over the rails with the help of standard fastenings battens strengthen kleymerami. If you do not, due to thermal shocks occur tree species strain. Battens hammer nails can not be - it is cheaper lead to warping of wood paneling and a violation of the right insulation. Normal skin start with the ceiling, or on the contrary. In the corners and expansion joints proportioning, do everything on a level.

grasp, as the bath lining sheathe, detailed video help. See, how to do it right, to avoid mistakes. Expert advice will help decorate the walls and ceiling in the bath with his hands.

  • Work on laying the floor begin to align it, in case you will lie down tiles. Wooden flooring is flattened by the rails, Tile - making cement screed. In some cases, laid under the tile waterproofing and install a heating system - a warm floor. If the bath is provided washing zone, tiled floors should be sloped to drain water. The wood embodiment makes the gap between the boards. If we talk about, which sex is better, representations in this regard various others prefer tiles, and someone like a tree.
  • Ending operation consist in equipping baths. It must be secure in the event of slippery tile - tree grates. Of wood necessary to build shops, provide devaysa bath Sauna.

Materials for baths and their features

Materials for interior decoration of the premises, must be completely safe. You can not use linoleum, DSP, plywood and PVC panel. Besides, they are flammable, forbidden materials when heated emit harmful toxins. Giving preference to wood and stone, you choose - practicality with durability. Cheaper material eventually will demand replacement. Molded must be free of knots, smooth, without rough edges and burrs.

Also, We suggest you to read about how to build a sauna.


  1. Secured range of wood to select a breed-free resin compounds and resistant to temperature changes.
  2. Handle Timbers need nontoxic means, otherwise, instead of natural wood fragrance in the bath - will smell of chemicals.
  3. If desired, you can soak the wood with linseed oil or hemp, beeswax.
  4. FIELD trim combustor combustible materials, on the floor beside it is necessary to lay a sheet of stainless steel.
  5. Choosing a heat insulator and waterproof - it is better to give preference to materials from proven manufacturers.
  6. lighting lamps must be closed, so I did not get to moisture. Wiring must be done or the special person, who knows in this topic.

When interior finishing baths should take into account, that the structure must withstand high humidity conditions. An important task is, to create the conditions to meet the operational features necessary for baths. Professional advice and step by step tips will help decorate the bath in accordance with the requirements.