Want to warm floors in the house? Seek professional advice

Why not just offers its customers construction market! Here and laminate, class which is an indicator of wear resistance and durability, and self-leveling screeds, and prefabricated houses. One word of technologies and materials, allowing to quickly and without too much trouble to build your dream home, there are many. This is true for all construction areas. take, for example, system "warm floor". It turns out, there are so many methods of its organization. All of them can be divided into two main types: water and electric. As the name implies, in the first case to transfer heat to the floor surface are used hot water pipe, Second - miscellaneous materials, running on electricity.

Let us dwell on the most basic methods of floor heating company.

In suburban homes Radiant floors are used as an alternative to the classic radiator heating. Such a solution has a lot of undeniable advantages. First of all, it allows to "relieve" the space, freeing it from the cumbersome pipes and radiators, which is also beneficial to the aesthetics of the interior. Secondly, such a heating system is very efficient, given the well-known fact, usually hot air rises to the ceiling accumulates there and. When it comes to heating the classical form, it is usually in the floor surface is cool enough. the floor heating system allows consumers even in the winter does not use house shoes.

Laying of water underfloor heating - a difficult exercise, suggesting an indispensable part of professionals. Construction - mnogosloynaya, work - multistage. It all starts, of course, with training and planarizing, where the system is installed. Then, a vapor barrier is laid, damper tape, insulation board and the pipe itself. After that poured concrete screed. And only then the flooring is laid.

Often, consumers are asking whether as a substrate used for warm water-resistant plywood floorings. Experts do not forbid it to do, but only if the intermediate tie. Just because the pipe laid on the plywood can not be.

As noted, the use of water pipes - is not the only way to arrange a warm floor. No less popular with consumers and systems, running on electricity. They are divided into three main types: rod, cable and film.

If you decide to organize the house floor heating system, you will need to select the appropriate floor coverings.

Дело в том, that not all materials can be used in this case. The best option is marble, ceramic tile, etc.. Wood and carpet materials are suitable for less, because it can quickly break down when exposed to high temperatures.