Hydromassage bath

Hot Tub perfectly combines 2 functions. First of all, is an element of luxury, а во-вторых – This means recovery. should say, that the traditional name for the bath, equipped with the hydro-massage equipment, often called - Jacuzzi.

It appeared the first bath of the names of the creator, Use the methods of treatment air and water jets. Having developed this invention, Italian engineer Candido Jacuzzi became the creator of a trend in the field of baths. 50 years ago, its development has gained immense popularity among people with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Over time, the massage were actively used to improve the vitality, stress relief, strengthening the immune system, as well as gaining peace of mind.

Today we can say with complete confidence, Jacuzzi that the company is the most famous manufacturer of hot tubs. It never ceases to amaze their customers organic design and high sense of style. So, eg, their new creation - a bath Morphosis Alpha is made in the style of futiristicheskogo, equipped with modern hydromassage equipment, and radio- and stereo. You can be sure, it will be the exclusive subject for a modern and original furnishings bathroom. Enveloping forms harmoniously take the body and free your mind, transforming visually and physically bathroom interior.

Whirlpool - this is a very effective tool, used for the overall health. But at the same time we want to draw your attention to the fact, that it is not recommended for use by children, pregnant women, as well as older people. The effect of the jets of water and air depends on the direction of, the duration of the procedure, as well as water temperature. Recently, some manufacturers actively add to their model color-, sound-, and aromatherapy.

It should be noted, that conventionally are several basic types of massage. hidro - is an intensive massage with water jets. Most often the nozzle to perform this type of massage are on side bath rim. In this case, massaged the top and side parts of the body. In the framework of air massage – air bubbles, supplied from nozzles, located on the bottom of the tub. Special attention should be Turbopool mode - a combination of air and water massage, which brings double pleasure. Recently popular are models of hot tubs, which are equipped with a function of feeding ozone in the air stream. In addition, there are baths with ultrasonic source. In this case, fluctuations of water massage the whole body at once. It should be noted, that the most suitable water temperature for the whirlpool - it 35 WITH.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the quality of the massage depends on the number of nozzles and their location. The greater the number of nozzles and the bubbles and the smaller their size, тем, correspondingly, the intensity, would massage. On average one nozzle forms to 800 bubbles per second. To massage was aimed at certain areas - it is necessary that the nozzles placed at an angle to the massaged area. It is worth noting, that the nozzles from different manufacturers differ nozzle diameter, but almost always the direction of the water supply you have the opportunity to manually change. Despite its usefulness and functionality in the aspect of energy consumption is very economical hot tubs.

As if this was not surprising, but the effectiveness of the whirlpool bath depends on the form. There are many shapes and sizes baths: round (usually installed in the center of the bathroom and used as a mini spa pool), квадратные, corner (most convenient for installation in any part of the bathroom) and rectangular. In addition to date are quite popular model, intended to be embedded in the podium. For the installation of hot tubs should take into account the need to use high-strength slabs. In addition, for easy access to the hydromassage equipment, we recommend you to order a decorative screen, or when you make a covering material around the perimeter to add special decorative hatches.

Most often, hot tubs made from acrylic, which is strengthened with glass fiber and allows you to give different forms of product, and also has excellent thermal insulation, nice shine, as well as antibacterial qualities. Now widely used acrylic with a special quartz filler, as it is more hygienic and resistant to various kinds of damage to the material. Some manufacturers make hot tubs made of cast iron (Company Jacob Delafon), but, безусловно, to ensure electrical safety it is rarely used. Model hot tubs, made of steel (Kaldewei company) Today is very popular among domestic consumers. should say, that the company equips its models turbo-whirl special system - the magnetic valve and turbine, that capture air in a pressurized water injector. As a result, it eliminates the air compressor.

draw your attention to, that the cost of the spa depends on the functionality of the equipment used. So, eg, except for hydro-massage you have the ability to set various additional options - Integrated underwater LED Backlight, disinfection, electric power drain, дистанционное управление, and cascading mixers etc. At your request, you can choose the model, which are equipped with ergonomic headrests and chrome handles, providing maximum comfort and safety in the process of adoption of various water treatments.

Especially popular in recent years enjoyed chromotherapy, the main feature of which is the relaxation effect. It is achieved by mixing four colors: Yellow - the warmest color, which saves you from melancholy; Green - a unique harmony, which elevates mood, thereby restoring the nervous system; Red - a movement, warming, increases blood circulation and fills your body with energy; Blue - the color of appeasement, has a soothing and soporific effect.

Following the acquisition of the hot tub be sure to contact the service center for later recall certified employee, the necessary skills. He let you down electricity and water, and install the sink and ground loops, if necessary, adjusts the electronic components and, безусловно, Check the tightness of the finished structure.

Summarizing all that is written above, we can conclude, that hot tubs – It is not only a tool for maintaining personal hygiene. These baths are a source of pleasure, as well as the renovation of mind and body. Due to continuous improvement, manufacturers are opening up new horizons in the field of rehabilitation and functionality.