Fittings for tubes with polypropylene shipment at

For the installation of plumbing systems use high-quality PP fittings. They allow high quality dock of the pipeline and ensure its efficient functioning, provide quick installation.

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Delivery of fittings for PP in Ukraine

Look at the e-catalog e-shop, to select all the necessary connectors. For the convenience of finding the right products all the items on the site are given with detailed description and the performance. Choose the, what is required in a particular situation:

  • Wall attachment for pipe PP (such as "yoke" or "bracket");

  • plugs and connections;

  • turns from a different angle (45 and 90 градусов);

  • stroke and crosses;

  • switchboards, tees, etc..

In, the original that the goods, no doubt. All products provided quality certificates. Products have been tested for compliance with the relevant norms and standards in Ukraine.

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Refer to the online store "Armagh", on favorable terms to place an order for fittings for polypropylene pipes. transmission time on the territory of Ukraine to the 5 working days (depending on the conditions of the transport company). Make an online order at a convenient time.