House of dry profiled lumber drying chamber with his hands

One of the most environmentally friendly and necessary types of construction is the construction of houses made of dry profiled lumber drying chamber turnkey. This material is not so long ago was in the construction market and immediately won popularity.

The content of the article

  • 1 Dry shaped beam drying chamber
  • 2 Creation of profiled timber drying chamber
  • 3 How to build a house with his own hands
    • 3.1 Building the foundation
    • 3.2 Setting the foundation
    • 3.3 wall construction
    • 3.4 roof construction
    • 3.5 Waterproofing and insulation
  • 4 Advantages of houses from dried profiled timber drying chamber

Dry shaped beam drying chamber

This material is in the construction of a good alternative glued profiled beam. Buildings of this material are fabricated, eco-friendly and cheap. Material well withstand temperature extremes, and buildings look nice and neat.

Advantages of dry shaped timber:

  • in the process of shrinkage not skoroblivaetsya, It will not crack or gets out;
  • After drying, all the material is sorted and poor, prone to twisting, is rejected;
  • unimportant shrinkage, всего 3%, that allows you to build a house as soon as possible;
  • absence of cracks and other defects after drying;
  • You do not need to finish the house, material itself for himself neat and modern;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • house does not need caulking;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • vodoustoychivosty;
  • durability;
  • the price lower than the cost of laminated veneer lumber on 40%;
  • Adhesive is not used, only pure solid wood.

Creation of profiled timber drying chamber

For production use svezheraspilenny bar of coniferous trees. It is commonly used pine or spruce, growing in Kirov, Tver or Vologda region.

First Production preform is sized 150x200. It has a natural moisture, that is to 60%. It is the moisture, which accumulates in the fibers of the wood during its growth. In this step, the defect is rejected material.

Then the preform is removed from the top layer and attached to base. Then for stress relief do special cuts (to reduce cracking). They are made on the upper and lower faces, eventually, after assembly house, they will be inside the wall.

Then the workpiece are sent to the drying chamber. In it there are heaters and fans. Heaters heat the air to a suitable temperature, fans and distribute it evenly in the oven. drying mode is set is always different and depends on the tree, size and incipient wetness. Here, the tree extends a loop at a certain temperature and humidity. It should certainly comply with all parameters, only the output will high-quality material. Here, as the humidity changes the material cracking and unscrewed. samples, which strongly deformed, rejected.

Total drying process continues 3 of the week. after drying, the material then comes to the processing of, during which cropped bowl to collect housing sets. Wood milling occurs from all sides 4 extraneous machine.

At the material may be different profile:

  1. Hrebenka. Across the width of an alternation of the groove and the tenon.
  2. Finnish. On the downside, there is a single deep and long groove, and on the reverse - two elongated strips.

Before shipment, material passes control properties, during which it measured humidity hygrometer special. It should not exceed 18%. Also discarded material defects tree species during checkout. In accordance with the GOST 8442-88 timber is dry, if its moisture content does not exceed 20%.

The problem is that, that the product can be dried unevenly. For example, in the middle of the tree dries worse, than on the surface. Because when purchasing products should measure its moisture prickly hygrometer in several places.

During transport to preserve appropriate humidity, The material is packed in a special film.

The result is a material, which is similar in its properties to the laminated veneer lumber, but the main difference is, that shaped much cheaper. Не считая того, Output material has no glued seams, that allows the tree is free to "breathe".

How to build a house with his own hands

It should be remembered, what, as well as any tree, shaped beam fears humidity. Therefore, you should pay more attention to waterproofing, as well as the correct device roof. We need to monitor the cracks formed, tk. after some time, they can become a through-slit. So do not skimp on insulation, which will protect the wood from severe frosts.

Building the foundation

For similar homes better to choose melkozaglublenny, pile or pier foundation. Consider incrementally building foundation:

  1. At the outset it should be noted the structure of the border. To do this, you need to drive the pegs in the corners, connecting them with a cord.
  2. Further digs a pit. Its depth should not exceed 600 cm. If it is less, the foundation will be unstable.
  3. The first layer is laid sand, second – poured rubble. They should have a width of no more than 0,1 м.
  4. preparation of the formwork. It can be made of wood panels or finished plastic. It can be done alone. Важно, to her there was no cracks, and that it was perfectly rovnenko.
  5. To enhance the use of the foundation reinforcement. The thickness of the rod must be 1 cm.
  6. Pouring concrete. Initially formwork moistened with water. This is done, to her, after curing of concrete, you can simply remove.
  7. Across 2-3 Those Days, when the concrete hardens completely, formwork is removed and proceed to sealing and insulation. For this resin smeared basement walls. All slot is filled with gravel and put roofing felt.

Setting the foundation

1-the first and the lowest crown - especially fundamental. He is closest to the earth, but, properly, most susceptible to rotting. Therefore, it is necessary from the base layer to separate waterproofing. To do this, use roofing felt or bitumen mastic. Then fit the special underlay timber from larch. Choose exactly the type of wood, tk. Larch other less susceptible to corruption. But even this bar is still covered with a protective varnish on all sides. As a protective coating may be used either Senezh Tikkurila.

Further placed first crown and treated on all sides preservative. Then stack logs, which will be the basis of sex. They reinforce the walls or laid on the foundation.

wall construction

All the crowns must be treated with antiseptic before installation, tk. later will not have access to their inner sides. Each timber is sealed following the previous via pegs. This special pins, which tightly hold the boards and not allow them to move relative to each other. Nageli may be made of metal or wood.

Between the bars should be installed insulation. Particular attention should be paid to the corners. Bars placed on the tongue and groove system. This design is very dense and is well protected against different drafts.

In places, where will the window, simply leave gaps, which are necessary for ventilation. For windows you can choose material as wood, and plastic.

roof construction

The variety of materials have the ability to be used as a covering for the roof. It all depends on your budget. More than a cheap - or is profiled roofing material, a bit more expensive - metal.

Construction of the roof of the timber house begins with rafters device, укладки потолочных балок и обрешетки. В качестве стропил употребляют доски 150х50 мм. В качестве потолочных балок употребляют брусья 150х100 мм.

Стропилы укладывают на расстоянии друг от друга 1 cm. Then assembled crate, which laid waterproofing.

Waterproofing and insulation

If the house is built in terrible weather conditions, the home from a bar in handy additional insulation. For thermal insulation of external walls do siding or battens. Under their insulation is laid in the form of mineral wool, vapor-permeable membrane or tow. For additional insulation of insulated inner walls. It will also use the bunk or hardboard.

As a heat insulator is not suitable polystyrene. It will prevent the evaporation of water, so the wood can rot.

video views, to learn about the nuances of building a house with his own hands.

Advantages of houses from dried profiled timber drying chamber

In place of the construction of the house, Product is delivered ready-made, it only remains to collect as a designer. All cutting work is done in the workplace and the builders do not need to spend time on the fitting elements. Because these homes are being built in the shortest possible time.

After finishing work in these buildings can immediately call in and live. All finishing works of walls, ceilings and floors inside, as well as the installation of windows and doors made of glass immediately after the completion of all construction works. This may be due to the fact, that the shrinkage in these small buildings, всего 3%. for comparison, Shrinkage of concatenated structures beam ends after 12 months, but from the log - in 1,5 of the year.

Excellent cost savings in the construction is obtained due to the fact, there is no need to caulk frame. All logs pretty tight contact with each other and because of such houses is a very good thermal conductivity and water between the logs does not fall.

For the construction of corrugated timber drying chamber is not necessary to build a road and a strong foundation. Suffice it to build a pile-screw or melkozaglublenny.

The walls of the house did not turn blue and not amenable to mold attacks.

The wall thickness depends on the width of product. Usually it is from 90 to 210 mm. The height of the bar is always monotonous and 140 mm. Конечно, the beam may be greater height, for example, Sales have material with dimensions of 200x200.

The problem is that, that the timber with a huge cross-section is very difficult to dry. After drying, there are so many large cracks, and very deformed bars, accounting for cull. Therefore, experts advise to buy products with a maximum height 140 mm.

video views, which tells about all the pros of building such houses.

dry Prof.. timber use for the construction of houses for permanent residence, for seasonal homes and baths. If you build a house for permanent residence, it is best to choose a timber with greater height, for example, 140x200 mm. Shaped beam 200x200 drying chamber is also widely used for the construction of residence buildings. Such construction will cost much more, but you can save on heating. Seasonal accommodation is pretty walls 90h140mm.

In this way, create a reasonable conclusion, that the construction of the dried lumber is much more, effective and cheaper.