Over a thousand people have moved to a new apartment on the program of renovation

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More than a thousand people moved into new apartments for renovation programmke, He told reporters the deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and the construction of Marat Khusnullin.

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In Moscow, the construction time of the renovation of buildings will be reduced by 54 Those Days”I can gladly report, that is already more than a thousand people moved into new apartments. До конца года мы сдаём 34 дома. Считаем, что ещё около 2-3 тысяч человек ещё получат свои смотровые ордена и будут подбирать квартиры”, — произнес Хуснуллин.

He claimed, сейчас власти Москвы проектируют и строят 3,8 million square meters of housing. “Планируем в течение года выйти на показатель в 5 миллионов квадратных метров. Это 30% программки. Если мы 30% the program will design and construct, the renovation of the programm will be inevitable”, — said deputy mayor.

Capital renovation program was approved in 2017, it provides for the demolition of more than 5 thousands of homes (в основномхрущевок”), which are home to about 1 million people.