White bedroom Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style - a real find for fans of bright and airy interior. Bedroom, decorated in this style, different light relaxed atmosphere and unique charm of the north. In order to most accurately recreate the unique atmosphere of Scandinavian style in the interior of a bedroom, when developing the design must adhere to a few simple rules.

Scandinavian style has a very low-key colors. When you make a bedroom preference is given to neutral white color and its many shades: dairy, creamy, alebastrovomw, ivory, etc.. The dominant white color perfectly complement the soft pastel colors: light blue, pale emerald, pink. More vivid colors can also be used in the interior, but only as a few accents.

For the walls and ceiling is preferable to choose the lightest tones. As the finishing materials you can use decorative plaster, paint or wallpaper monophonic. The floors in the Scandinavian bedroom necessarily drawn whitewashed wooden planks. If this option is not suitable for your budget, then you can apply styling "a natural wood". for example, in the Scandinavian bedroom looks very nice laminate "bleached oak" or linoleum-quality light shades.

For Scandinavian style characterized by an abundance of daylight, so the windows should be as large and bright. In order not to prevent the penetration of sunlight, window openings it is better not to decorate the black-out curtains. As a textile frame windows, you can use a light translucent tulle or chiffon light curtains. There will also be appropriate light blinds or roman blinds.

The decor in the Scandinavian bedroom used very cautiously. In the role of decorative elements may act such items, as the original lamps, decorative candles, glass vases and fresh flowers. In the Scandinavian interiors welcome the presence of wall decor. The bright-colored walls are the perfect backdrop for the modern abstract paintings, posters and photos. A special role in the Scandinavian interior play-colored fluffy carpets and skins. They harmoniously diluted rigor and conciseness of this northern style, and help to create a truly homely and cozy atmosphere.

Scandinavian-style furniture is traditionally equipped with a, is selected functional and compact as possible without complicated geometric shapes and fanciful decorations. The central place is occupied by a large and comfortable bed, made from light wood. As upholstery is applied warm and pleasant to the touch textiles. If desired, the bed can be decorated with natural or artificial fur blanket. If space allows, bedroom interior can be supplemented with a small sitting area, consisting of a vintage rocking chairs and cozy soft poufs. by the way, Puffs not only as a seat may be used in the Scandinavian interiors, but also as an additional storage space. Shelves and racks may also be present in the interior, but they must necessarily be open. They can share family photos in simple black and white frames, Natural flowers, books or any other decorative objects.