Moscow Arhsovet approved the draft complex with apartments on Ostozhenka

© Kleinewelt Architekten Moscow Arhsovet approved the draft of a functional complex with apartments on Ostozhenka, It said in a press release Moscomarchitecture.

© Photo : Architectural bureau Moscow WallArhsovet approved the construction of apartments on Dolgorukovskaya ulitseProekt Allegoria Mosca designed Kleinewelt Architekten Office and joins in for the image of the ancient chambers of the Moscow and the style of an Italian palazzo, added to it.

The project will fit on Ostozhenka, ownership 4-6 at the intersection of the street with the plaza Prechistenskie Prechistenka gates.

As it was reported, quoting a partner of the architectural bureau Kleinewelt Architekten Nicholas Pereslegina, one of the project ideas was the return of the lost little square format— Piazzetta. To this end, the courtyard between the chambers and all the buildings of the future of the complex is planned to fill the event-driven content and infrastructure for the future tenants.

Also, the creators of the concept offered in your project and use Reddish White Chamber at the art gallery and the Center for Research and Strategic Development of Moscow, and under the area of ​​the museum will house a multifunctional space of 1.7 thousand square meters.